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Given the current situation of our nation, with many families falling behind on payments and food insecurity becoming a growing issue, we have chosen to devote our earnings from Poetry’s Purpose to the Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry.  Ever since COVID-19 began, unemployment rates have drastically increased, making the daily act of putting food on the kitchen table a struggle. With many families unable to afford groceries and other essential items, it is important to support our local charities that aim to help alleviate those issues. This food pantry tackles hunger from all different angles, and delivers proper nutrition to about 400 households every week.

Many thanks for helping us complete our fundraising drives for the Elmhurst Hospital Center and the Shukartal Orphanage!


“That was a beautifully written Poem expressing so much of what we all feel . I will save it for her baby shower so she feels loved from a distance in the time when we wanted to be with her ….love it love it. Thanks Devisi, May you grow and grow in your poetry .”  Nizi (a poem for her sister who is expecting and they cannot meet because of  the pandemic)

I received a poetry from Poetry’s Purpose on behalf of my husband for my birthday and I was surprised, as it depicted my personality so well! Devisi’s ability to gauge deeper understanding of someone, with little information being given to her about them, it’s brilliant; she’s extremely perceptive. The poetry is beautiful and it’s on its way to be framed 🙂  What’s most wonderful about Poetry’s Purpose is that Devisi is using her talent for the larger good and money raised goes towards the charities she endorses
I would definitely use Poetry’s Purpose for special occasions in the family and for close friends. 
 – Chandni (who received a surprise poem on her birthday)

“Thanks a lot for this lovely poem. It amazes us how you have so much understanding and wisdom and you express it so beautifully as well. Keep up the good work. God bless you.”  – Amitabh ( a motivational poem from parents to son) 

“What a gorgeous poem written on my mom’ s birthday by poetry’s purpose! Anyone who needs to make their special one’s day extra special should ask Poetry’s Purpose”.– Charu ( an ode to her mother)

“Thank you Devisi and Poetry’s Purpose for such a wonderful creation. Really loved the way you expressed all the emotions which I myself could not have communicated so well. Thanks again Poetryspurpose.com” – Vipul(a poem expressing love on his wife’s birthday)

“Thank you Devisi for a wonderful poem, you have written so beautifully and it reflects so much of love. God Bless You! Lots of Hugs and Love” – Vandana(a poem for her son who just finished his phd)